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Méls à Havoc

Q. I was wondering: if your feet were getting tired on one of your long missions which NOD vehicle would you most prefer to hijack?
- Chris Kite

A. Stealth Tanks. Silent but deadly.

Q. What's your connection with Agent Tanya?
- Augustine Lim

A. I think I had a dog once named Tanya.

Q. What does the Temple of Nod smell like?
- KingZeus

A. The end of my gun barrel.

Q. Tell me, what is your favorite gun?
- Nick

A. The one in my hand.

Q. Seeing as it's been real hot all around the country, you must get real thirsty. What is your favorite softdrink?
- Netwalk Work

A. I don't drink anything soft. Now ask me a real question, tough guy.

Q. Hey Havoc, what does it feel like when you get nailed by that nasty tiberian gas?
- TK10456

A. Like a warm breeze.

Q. Hey, wassap? I just wanna ask you: what are you feeling when you take out Nod soldiers and blowin' up stuff? Are you a cold-blooded heartless killer? Or do you feel remorseful? What's goin' on in there?
- Xyber8

A. It's my job, and I love my job. As for remorse...against Nod? Lemme ask YOU what's goin' on in there.

Q. What would you do if you were in a room alone with Kane?
- Spidermoose

A. Give him a present.

Q. Hey dude, what's your favorite car?

A. I like my transportation with all the options - extra armor, machine guns, power locks.

Q. As a GDI commando, you've got to do quite a bit of dirty work to complete your mission. What do you find the most comfortable during your missions - boxers, briefs, or Hanes?
- Computermonkey

A. Underwear?

Q. Hey Havoc, what does Tiberium look like up close?
- Dinofreeze

A. Green, smelly and crunchy. Like the inside of my fridge.

Q. Havoc - what are you most afraid of, if anything?

A. Running out of targets.

Q. I always wondered what made you become a huge, lean, mean, fighting machine?
- Titan3536

A. Pumping iron, wait, that's lead...

Q. Where do you keep all of your C-4? Where do you put all of your ammo? Why is the sky blue?
- Donald James

A. Is this one of those Japanese poems, pal?

Q. Why are you so mean?
-Julia Bentle

A. Practice, practice practice....

Q. Mon jeu ne marche pas, il plante en disant qu'il a une "erreur interne". Que dois je faire?
- Marion

A. Can I get french fries with that?

Q. Who gets more dates, you or 007?
- Apoc.

A. 007? Isn't that Kane's IQ?

Q. Hey what are you doing when you're not beating the snot out of NOD soldiers?

A. Finding NOD soldiers to beat the snot out of.

Q. Havoc - what are you most afraid of, if anything?
- Outsider

A. Running out of targets!

Q. How come you can answer our questions if you don't really exist and there are no actors that represent you?
- Endust88

A. I'm a spook, been dead for years.

Q. How much are you getting paid per hour?
-Apache Longbow

A. Heh. I make a killing on every mission...