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Beta CnC Renegade

CnCSaga a participé de novembre 2001 à mi-janvier 2002 à la beta multijoueurs du jeu Renegade.

Westwood organise pour son premier jeu d'action dans l'Univers du Conflit du Tibérium une beta publique avec 1500 participants. Cette beta se déroule en 3 phases d'une semaine durant lequel 500 joueurs peuvent participer.

CnCSaga participant en tant que Fansite Officiel (seul participant francophone) a la chance de pouvoir y jouer pendant toute la période. Le cd du jeu est accompagné d'un tshirt Renegade et d'une lettre de remerciement (plus d'autres goodies mais uniquement pour les fansites).

Cette beta est un super moment avec beaucoup de fun. Tous les jours, des membres de l'équipe du jeu se relayent sur les serveurs pour jouer avec les participants.



Quelques semaines après la sortie du jeu, Westwood recontacte un certain nombre de ces beta-testeurs (dont RedAlertFusion) pour participer à la beta du patch qui doit ajouter les hélicoptères en multijoueurs.

Cette fois ci plus de cd, mais un fichier à télécharger en ligne. Cette beta est aussi très amusante et les commentaires dans les news postées à cette époque sur RedAlertFusion vont tous dans le même sens : "Comment tu as fais pour pouvoir avoir les hélicoptères ?", "Vivement la sortie du patch !", etc...

Après 2-3 semaines de tests, westwood sort donc un patch qui ajoute la possibilité sur certaines cartes d'avoir des hélicoptères et des escaliers pour accéder aux toits de certains bâtiments.


Mél Beta : Your personal invite to the Renegade beta test!


It's time for the Command and Conquer: Renegade beta test to move into the big leagues, and while there's going to be a signup page for people to sign up on, you're being invited personally for a guaranteed spot in the upcoming beta! You've been selected based on your efforts within our growing community or to the gaming community as a whole. You could go through the whole signup process and take your chances at getting drawn out of all the people, or you can respond to this email and guarantee yourself a spot playing for all three weeks! This is a special invite for you and you only!

We have a few requirements for participation and we'd like you to confirm the following via email. Please just use REPLY to respond to this invitation and please answer all FOUR questions.

1) You will be required to agree to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before you'll be permitted to participate. Because an NDA is a legal document, you must be 18 years of age in order to agree to a contract of this nature, or you will be required to have a parent or guardian agree to the contract on your behalf. You'll see the NDA later, but basically, you will be agreeing to keep confidential anything you see in the beta test unless you've been given written permission to share this information. Please confirm that you're not underage, or if you are that you have a parent or guardian willing to assume legal responsibility for you in this contract, and are willing to agree to an NDA in principle.

2) You will need a computer system that meets our minimum specifications.
These are:

Processor : PII 400
Memory : 96 megs
Hard Drive: 700 megs.
Input: Keyboard, mouse
Video Card: 16MB
OS: Win98, Win 2000, ME, XP

Please confirm that your system meets these basic requirements.

3) You will need to provide us with a correct mailing address, as well as a contact telephone number and valid email that you will check regularly. Please include your name (first and last), address, apt. number or other relevant information, city, state, country and zip code, as well as your telephone #, in your reply back to us. We will not be sharing this information with anyone, but we will be mailing you your beta CDs to this address, so be sure it's accurate!

4) Early beta tests of this nature provide you with the chance to see a game while it's new, still in development and by association, less stable than it will be when it's finally ready for a full release. It's an exciting opportunity to be involved this early in testing a project and for many, the knowledge that they're one of the first is enough to keep them enthusiastic about the instability. The test will run 24 hours a day with only intermittant breaks to change the servers over when we change to new versions, for 3 weeks. The test will be multiplayer CnC mode only. Please understand that you'll be seeing the game in a unfinished state, with a few months left for tweaking, balancing and bug fixing. That means, you'll be there to help us and make suggestions and provide feedback, but you'll also experience bugs and crashes. If knowing that your battles may be interrupted by a server problems, you still wish to participate, please confirm your acceptance of our invitation!

5) Fansites, you will be allowed to make one post on your site after each day of testing, but each post must first be approved by myself, so after the day of testing, type it up and shoot it off to me. I may offer suggestions or ask you to remove or rewrite parts of it, but I will not alter anything myself. We will also be granting you access to the beta boards, so you can discuss the beta, offer suggestions and get technical support. You are part of the elite in being extended a personal invite to this test.

We hope you'll opt to join us in the Command and Conquer: Renegade Closed Beta Test. Please respond with your email, confirming your system specs, your eligibility to agree to an NDA, your full mailing address/phone number and your acceptance of our invitation, by Wednesday, November 28th, 5 p.m. PST.

Brotherhood, Unity, Peace!


Cliff Hicks
a.k.a. Devinoch
Online Community Manager


Hey everyone, I know it's been quiet since we said we were doing some testing. Dedicated server testing went so well internally that we will be releasing the free dedicated server software in the very near future. And with that, I know everyone's curious about the flying vehicles beta, so let me give you a brief rundown on what's going on:

This iteration of the beta is being turned off right now. You may uninstall/delete that version. In the near future (hopefully next week some time) we will be sending you a download link to a private FTP server, where you will download a new version of the beta -- this version will be approximately 100 MB in size, and will include the flying vehicles maps (there are two, variations of City and Walls). You will also be receiving a new serial # via email, as this test will be using a different set of serial #'s. Everything will be set to point to a beta server, and it will be completely incompatible with the retail version. We'll send email out in the near future, so keep an eye on your email box!

Thanks for taking part in this first phase of the beta and we hope you'll all join us on the second phase! See you in the skies!


Cliff Hicks
a.k.a. Devinoch
Online Community Manager