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Raj Joshi - Parrain 2009/2010

En travaillant sur la nouvelle version du site au printemps 2009, les membres des équipes de CnCSaga ont voulu donner une importance particulière à cette édition. En effet, avec elle, on marque un véritable tournant dans 13 ans de fonctionnement et elle est le résultat des changements effectués depuis l'été 2006.

Nous avons donc demandé, après concertation dans le staff, à Raj Joshi, producteur à EA Los Angeles, s'il acceptait de devenir le Parrain du site pour l'année 2009-2010.

Après avoir visité avec nous en avant première le site, sa réponse a été rapide et spontanée : "awesome! i gladly accept your prestigious gift! =)"

Il a tenu à nous envoyer pour vous, visiteur de Saga, ce message :
It is with great honor and humility that I welcome you to the all-new version of the one and only CNCSAGA.com!!!  Everyone has worked so hard to make this happen, and we are very excited about all the time and dedication that the generous folks at CNCSAGA.com have poured into this relaunch.

It’s been 13 wonderful years that CNCSAGA.com has been providing news and information for the fans of Command and Conquer.  I myself have not been involved in the CNC world for nearly that long, but I can say that it has been a life-changing experience for me from day one.  I of course love all of the games and the rich history of Command & Conquer.  Perhaps even one day Kane will finally accept me as an honorary member of the Brotherhood.  But, that alliance will always be second on my list when compared with the honor that is has been to be accepted into a much more inviting and enthusiastic brotherhood – the French C&C Community.

I cannot begin to describe the overwhelming support we have received as we have spanned the globe in search of CNC enthusiasts.  As fans of CNC, your energy is inspiring and has really opened my eyes to how lucky we truly are to work on the games that you all know and love.  I have said it before, and I must say it again – the CNC Community members are the BEST in the world.  Your passion for gaming and your unbridled exuberance continues to inspire us to make the absolute best games possible for you.  At the end of the day, you are our target audience.  If you’re happy, we’re happy.  And, your happiness is contagious!

I am so delighted to see that not only does Battlecast Primetime have a home on CNCSAGA.com but that there is also a version made specifically for the French speaking audience.  When we first saw this, we became very excited and, of course, very flattered.  We were quite happy until we saw how good your show opening graphics are.  Then we were jealous!  ; )   It is great for us to feel like we have a welcome presence with all of you, even though we are foolish Americans who only broadcast in English.  ; )  You are as close to our hearts as your American counterparts, and David and I cannot thank you all enough for your enthusiastic community event last year.  It touched us deeply, and we were very sad to have to pack up and continue on our tour.

I promise to continue to make Battlecast Primetime more and more informative and entertaining.  I can definitely guarantee some surprises coming up very soon.  I also pledge to do everything in my power to make the next installment of CNC more engaging than anything you’ve played before.  While we’re busy with all of that, please take a look around at the new and improved CNCSAGA.com.  Congratulations to CNCSAGA for hitting such a big milestone of 13 years of dedicated service to the French CNC Community.  Enjoy your one stop shop for all that is CNC, both in America and around the world!

Now, if only I could read French, I would be able to understand all of the madness on the forums!!! =)

I’ll see you on the battlefield,

Raj Joshi


Quelques photos de Raj :

En savoir plus sur Raj Joshi :
Raj Joshi est né à Saratoga, en Californie, le 19 juin 1976. Il est diplomé en art et en animation de l'University of California (UCLA) à Los Angeles en 2000. Connu pour être l'un des deux présentateurs vedettes de Battlecast PrimeTime, il était aussi, et avant tout, producteur chez Electronic Arts entre 2002 et 2010. Il a ainsi participé, entre autres, comme Producteur à Command & Conquer 3 : Les Guerres du Tibérium et Command & Conquer 4 : le Crépuscule du Tibérium. Il s'interesse aux jeux sur consoles et aime beaucoup chanter.